Blog PictureMy name is Grant Mincy and I welcome you to my blog: Appalachian Son! I hope you all enjoy!

I am particularly interested in issues regarding sustainability, the human condition, politics and activism. I also like to talk about the new and exciting things happening everyday that are allowing us to transition into the future. This is a space for me to explore my thoughts, think about human civilization and where we are headed. I am also a novice at nature writing — I hope to further develop that skill here on the blog. It’s all just food for thought.

Aside from being an online blabber mouth I am also a husband to an amazing woman and a father to an incredible child. I am also a son to amazing parents and a friend to an incredible group of people. I love cooking. Southern food is my weakness, especially fried chicken and a great pot of gumbo. I greatly enjoy craft beer and every once in a while I will brew my own hoppy batch of ale. I really enjoy the outdoors, though I do not get to experience them near as often as I would like. I am happiest when walking through a forest or watching a mountain stream. I am a proud Knoxvillian, every attempt at trying to live somewhere else has resulted in me returning. I love the Scruffy City (I’m a South Knoxer) and the Southeast in general. Appalachia is home.

I earned my Masters of Science (and my Bachelors) from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Earth and Planetary Science. My focus was environmental geology and biodiversity conservation – with a primary focus on aquatic ecosystems. Geaux Vols!  As for my day job, I am an instructor of both biology and geology at Pellissippi State Community College and I am currently co-authoring an environmental science text-book (check me out at Geaux Panthers!

Thanks for checking out the blog!