Blog PictureMy name is Grant Mincy and I welcome you to my blog: Appalachian Son! I hope you all enjoy!

I am particularly interested in issues regarding sustainability, the human condition, politics and activism. I tend to focus my (political) writing on environmentally destructive extractive industries, the creation of captive markets, war and overall aggressive policy that halts social progress. I also like to talk about the new and exciting things happening everyday that are allowing us to transition into the future. This is a space for me to explore my thoughts, think about human civilization and where we are headed. I am also a novice at nature writing — I hope to further develop that skill here on the blog. It’s all just food for thought.

Aside from being an online blabber mouth I am also a husband to an amazing woman and a father to an incredible child. I am also a son to amazing parents and a friend to an incredible group of people. I love cooking. Southern food is my weakness, especially fried chicken and a great pot of gumbo. Don’t get me started on good Hispanic food – another incredible weakness. I greatly enjoy craft beer and every once in a while I will brew my own hoppy batch of ale. I really enjoy the outdoors, though I do not get to experience them near as often as I would like. I am happiest when walking through a forest or on a mountain stream. I am a proud Knoxvillian, every attempt at trying to live somewhere else has resulted in me returning. I love the Scruffy City (I’m a South Knoxer) and the Southeast in general. Appalachia is home.

I earned my Masters of Science (and my Bachelors) from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Earth and Planetary Science. I focused on environmental geology and biodiversity conservation – with a primary focus on aquatic ecosystems. Geaux Vols! I am also a  senior fellow at a left (libertarian) market anarchist think-tank and media center: Center for a Stateless Society (  I hold the Center’s Elinor Ostrom Chair in Environmental Studies and Commons Governance. There (or here, rather) you will find my commentary on current national issues and feature articles that explore current happenings a bit more in-depth through a unique libertarian lens. In addition, I am also an associate editor over at the Molinari Review, a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary academic journal of libertarian research. I also have a gig on the energy and environment advisory council for the Our America Initiative, which is a grassroots project dedicated to advancing the ideas and principles of liberty. As for my day job, I am an instructor of both biology and geology at area colleges and I am currently co-authoring an environmental science text-book (check me out at All sorts of crazy stuff going on!

Thanks for checking out the blog!